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2020 New Arrival Roborock S5 Max Robot Vacuum Cleaner Xiaomi Mijia S5max cordless for home upgrade of S50 S55 collect pet hairs

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$984.35 $2,460.88

Roborock S5Max White
The Roborock S5 max is in stock now!
We offer three year warranty for the robot. If there is any damage, we will send you the parts for free, please you install it (we will send you the installation video). But if it is artificially damaged, you need to pay some fees.
Why choose the Roborock S5 Max?

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Basic Information
Product Size
353 x 350 x 96.5 mm
Package Size
489 x 403 x 152mm
Black, White
Navigation System
Laser Navigation
Max. Suction
2000 Pa
58 W
Dust Bin Capacity
460 ml
Water Tank Capacity
About 3.5kg
Run Time
150 min
5200 mAh
Cleaning Area
250 ㎡
Charging Time
<6 hours
Obstacle Crossing Ability
Up to 2 cm
Hardware and Design
Spring Loaded Mopping
Electronic Water Tank
Floating Main Brush
Carpet Pressurization Mode
Detachable Main Brush
Dynamic-speed Side Brush
Drawer Design of Mop Panel
Room Selective Cleaning
Real-time Mapping
Setting virtual barrier/ zones in app
Dynamic Z-shaped cleaning patterns
Mopping bracket detection sensor
Customized room water volume and suction
No-mop zones
Smart Top-up
Adjustable Water Volume in Mopping
What's in the box
Roborock S5 Max
Charging dock
Moisture-proof mat
Power cable
Mop cloth mount
Mop cloth


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Ultra-large Electric Water Tank

​The electric water tank of S5 Max has a brand-new ultra-precise peristaltic pump and it is large tohold 290ml of water, good for mopping 200sqm once.

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Consistent Mop Pressure

A spring-loaded mop pushes the mop pad onto the floor with a constant 300g of pressure, giving you mopping that is as thorough at the end as it is at the beginning.

H87a4f0d1070446b18d7e0f43bbc2b7c3R 2020 New Arrival Roborock S5 Max Robot Vacuum Cleaner Xiaomi Mijia S5max cordless for home upgrade of S50 S55 collect pet hairs

Precision Water Management
Precision water management gives you control over the amount of water used, so you can choose the best amount for cleaning different floor types. And the water tank is testedfor 1500 hours following the robot.

H6e9e129e8a494908ad936bf60eb036fbw 2020 New Arrival Roborock S5 Max Robot Vacuum Cleaner Xiaomi Mijia S5max cordless for home upgrade of S50 S55 collect pet hairs

Dedicated No-Mop Zones
Set no-mop zones around carpets, so you can automate mopping without worrying about soaked carpets.

He1146eca5018491bb682aeaca2f2fd60v 2020 New Arrival Roborock S5 Max Robot Vacuum Cleaner Xiaomi Mijia S5max cordless for home upgrade of S50 S55 collect pet hairs

Automatic Water Shutoff
Water is shut off completely when S5 Max is docked,so you can leave the robot filled up and ready for the next mop.

Hfcab53a4256b4229b6ca693087e39ee6I 2020 New Arrival Roborock S5 Max Robot Vacuum Cleaner Xiaomi Mijia S5max cordless for home upgrade of S50 S55 collect pet hairs

High Precision Navigation
A high-precision laser navigation system scans your room at 300RPM,creating areal-time map of your home.

H225248454d4542939d8e9f90dae6dcf5S 2020 New Arrival Roborock S5 Max Robot Vacuum Cleaner Xiaomi Mijia S5max cordless for home upgrade of S50 S55 collect pet hairs

Adaptive Route Planning Algorithms
Adaptive algorithms calculate the most efficient cleaning route for each room based on shape and location of obstacles. So the cleanup is up to 15% faster.

H477f455e26134bb28c894f19adc136734 2020 New Arrival Roborock S5 Max Robot Vacuum Cleaner Xiaomi Mijia S5max cordless for home upgrade of S50 S55 collect pet hairs

In-Depth Scheduling
Advanced scheduling allows cleaning to be setfor different times on different days, even different suction and water levels, for specific rooms or an entire floor of your home.

Hb7687b5fba774b079bee372d82041fd9u 2020 New Arrival Roborock S5 Max Robot Vacuum Cleaner Xiaomi Mijia S5max cordless for home upgrade of S50 S55 collect pet hairs

Virtual Barriers and Zone Cleaning
Place virtual no-go zones and barriers, or direct the robot to clean specific spots and are as using the Roborock app.

Ha68e60ddd02741a3bc9b0f9c1181550bO 2020 New Arrival Roborock S5 Max Robot Vacuum Cleaner Xiaomi Mijia S5max cordless for home upgrade of S50 S55 collect pet hairs

High Climbing Ability
Climbs easily over 0.8in (2cm) high thresholds and carpets,automatically switching to maximum power when cleaning carpet.

H566b692372564298a45002bab6e9d717w 2020 New Arrival Roborock S5 Max Robot Vacuum Cleaner Xiaomi Mijia S5max cordless for home upgrade of S50 S55 collect pet hairs

Long-Lasting Power
Intense suction easily lifts dirt off hard floors and drags it from deep inside carpets, while a large 5200mAh battery keeps it cleaning for up to 190 minutes in Quiet Mode.

H68c64bdc992e47449af236e9eaa8bcd44 2020 New Arrival Roborock S5 Max Robot Vacuum Cleaner Xiaomi Mijia S5max cordless for home upgrade of S50 S55 collect pet hairs

Smart Top-Up
When cleaning a larger space, the robot calculates how much space remains for it to clean and returns to top up enough to finish, rather than recharging
to 80% each time.

Hd6adde1cf7204105b0ed11329ca8f2bee 2020 New Arrival Roborock S5 Max Robot Vacuum Cleaner Xiaomi Mijia S5max cordless for home upgrade of S50 S55 collect pet hairs

Easy Mop Installation
Using a unique drawer design, the mop bracket can be installed and removedquickly and easily, without flipping the robot over or removing the water tank.

H0d4e7f87a81644b6b82e2174b3ef0d8eb 2020 New Arrival Roborock S5 Max Robot Vacuum Cleaner Xiaomi Mijia S5max cordless for home upgrade of S50 S55 collect pet hairs

Fast and Easy Maintenance
Maintenance should be easy and fast, which is why the robot includes a quick-release main brush, mop bracket,water tank, and dustbin. A washable air filter and mop pad allows these items to be used longer before they have to be replaced.

Hc3cbc824dcfa4e7490e3e02982f41fbav 2020 New Arrival Roborock S5 Max Robot Vacuum Cleaner Xiaomi Mijia S5max cordless for home upgrade of S50 S55 collect pet hairs

Based on 130 reviews

5.0 overall

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  1. R***r

    Stunning robot


  2. G***a

    Perfect, game-changer product! The shipping was fine. Thank you!


  3. M***n

    Ordered Friday arrived Tuesday. Well packaged upgrade over my old Xiaomi 1st gen that lasted a 1000 hours before the fan went. Pleased with the cleaning results and the mop. Hope to repair the old one too because they’re built with modular parts.


  4. M***v

    It’s okay. The product corresponds to the description. Delivery by courier. The corner of the box was slightly remembered, but it seems not that it did not affect. The model of the vacuum cleaner I recommend, the store also recommend, the crumpled angle of the box is a sad Russian reality.


  5. Customer

    very good purchase


  6. R***s

    Good store, keeps one’s word


  7. V***a

    Fast delivery, within a week. Parcel without damages. Great vacuum cleaner, don’t know how I lived without it.


  8. K***y

    Great item! Fast shipping! THX!


  9. B***r

    Nice robot, cleaning well. But easy to get scratches, after first use can be seen many. Can save only one map so for many floors house is not suitable. Seller promised gift for waiting long time of shipping and didn’t give the gift.


  10. D***y

    Good vacuum cleaner, I’m happy


  11. S***n

    The vacuum cleaner was ordered on January 20, 2020 from the Russian Federation, came on February 27, 2020. the product corresponds to the description, everything is fine, without damage, etc. d. but delivery is terribly long, more than a month delivery in Russia is certainly unpleasant, I think for such a price should be much faster. The store responds for a long time. The vacuum cleaner itself is certainly cool, we are certainly very satisfied with such an assistant.


  12. A***v

    The robot arrived from Russia to Moscow in a couple of days. The store sent the order within 2 days. IML shipping. The package is packed in film and transport box.


  13. A***a

    Robot Super, delivery long. Given that ordered from Russia, expected much faster to get. As a result, exactly a month was our Roberto.


  14. D***n

    Great home assistant. He drove for a long time, but it’s worth it.


  15. C***v

    Excellent store, highly recommend!


  16. R***r

    The store does not reply, the goods sent in a month, after the expiration of the term


  17. E***h

    Works perfectly and genuine fine vacuum cleaner


  18. C***n

    Great house toy!


  19. M***s

    Arrived in 5 days. Great device. You can see the reviews in videos online, no need to tell odes about it here. Smart, fast, accurate.


  20. D***i

    Perfect store and perfect product. So fast! shipping!


  21. B***k

    Received and it works, haven’t tried mopping yet.


  22. E***u

    an excellent product bought on 27.03. On 02.04 he came to me. Czech Republic-Romania. Thanks to the store for the seriousness and the discount offered!


  23. P***k

    Shipping with Czech very quickly (any 6 days). Shipping DHLem. All OK. Vacuum cleaner cool case, sparowałem with applique roborock not me home. Running Cool, mopowanie also OK. I’m going to pour liquid for panels (niepieniący to) and I think that will be super. Recommend salesman.


  24. G***s

    The product function very good, that was a good deal to buy this robot. My wife is very grateful for me 🙂


  25. C***u

    Fast dellivery, ok


  26. Customer

    +++Very good!!!


  27. R***e

    Awesome fast delivery from CZ to Germany. Quality as Promised, good packaging.


  28. G***r

    too early to provide feedback


  29. G***i

    Very good price, fast shipping from Europe. Goods in a few days on the spot. Recommend this aliexprowicza.


  30. A***i

    The best robot lava/draws in market!


  31. T***t

    wow its THE best


  32. S***v

    The vacuum cleaner is great. Delivered in 3 days to Moscow.


  33. D***a



  34. Customer

    Communicative and helpful store! The goods arrived in a few days! I’m very satisfied and can only recommend the product / seller!


  35. K***v

    Delivery took 2,5 months, delivered by courier directly to the apartment, an excellent vacuum cleaner! Washes, vacuum cleaners-everything is as it should, the store went on communication with questions very quickly, thanks to him!


  36. V***v

    Excellent beetle, drives cats, removes wool and dust, copes for 100% with its duties. Delivery is fast, even with self-isolation and everything like that.


  37. Ц***y

    Great vacuum cleaner! Supplier sociable. Delivery by courier, everything is perfect! Connected and configured quickly. Tried cleaning, very high quality!


  38. E***v

    All is ok


  39. M***a

    Very fast delivery. The vacuum cleaner works very well.


  40. A***a

    Cool! Long waited for the shipment, but in the end it was worth it! Until wet cleaning was tried, dry pleased 🙂


  41. A***k

    Delivery from Russia, 4 days


  42. M***l

    Everything is okay, the product as described. Thank you.


  43. A***v

    The robot is gorgeous. It’s fine. No problems with setting up. Russian is not in voice. By delivery, sent 10 days. Sales said the warehouse was closed. And really the shipment got at the time of self-isolation due to coronorus. As sent, 3 days later I already had. Happy with the purchase.


  44. A***k

    Robot bought in super promotional price, shipping rapid, after 3 days was already U me 🙂 Strongly recommend this store


  45. G***a

    Shipping from DE. Ordered on Friday morning, on Tuesday vacuum was with me. Very nice contact, quick shipping. Everything OK.


  46. C***s

    Very satisfied with the S5 Max. Product came well packed and working Good!


  47. A***n

    Issued an order of 14.04, brought home a courier 16.04., although the app showed ~ 29.04. Pre-called The Courier. Packed well (transport bag t/K, standard transportation packaging roborock and already the packing itself). All in integrity. Order was tracked. Later I will add a review about his work. A great gift for the anniversary of the wedding, and as a wife I’m glad that they delivered directly on this day. I definitely recommend the store.


  48. S***h

    Delivery fast to the apartment. The goods will be unpacked on May 2.


  49. E***v

    Delivery in Moscow took only a couple of days. Vacuum cleaner what you need!


  50. F***o

    I write boiling water as I like, sold some very fast, 3 days and I have!!!


  51. T***n

    Happy with my purchase! Arrived in +- 1 week.


  52. Customer

    Order in St. Petersburg came very quickly, literally in 5 days, delivered by courier to the house! They did not communicate with the store. Purchase is satisfied, works properly.


  53. E***a

    As described. Came very neatly on from Belgium within 4 days. Am very satisfied, sucks Super, shares on average. No regret buying!


  54. R***h

    There was no gift, although they wrote that they gave a video recorder. Sent for a long time, Sumarno reached in 21 days


  55. A***v

    Ordered 27.03 from a warehouse in Russia. The processing time for the order was 40 days. He wrote to the store with a question what a bullshit-he replied that many orders, but everyone will do quickly. Then he told me the warehouse didn’t work because of the quarantine. Eventually sent the order only 11.04. I suspect that on sale I sold goods “from a warehouse in Russia”, although the goods in the warehouse have not yet. In my opinion, the seller-I do not advise. The goods itself and the delivery of IML (3 days to Moscow from the sending point) are excellent.


  56. D***v

    Everything corresponds to the description. Sorry for the gift, as the others did not send.


  57. Customer

    Vacuum cleaner Super, who doubts, take it, you will not regret it. The store sent for a long time, entered into correspondence, helped. As sent, reached 4 days in Mo, delivered the courier IML.


  58. P***o

    I went to Volgograd for a week vacuum cleaner excellent packaging is not opened. With its functions copes perfectly. Weifai doesn’t fall off. The base is looking for correctly. Updated to the latest version. So much garbage was collected after cleaning my wife the day before coming.


  59. P***h

    Great product!!! I’ll get the new version from 2020 in black, with the new added laser tower bumper! the S5 Max works very well! It’s the best for it’s value!!!


  60. L***n

    Very quick shipping and at this moment works without any problem. Thank you. I will recommend your shop and this product product to friend and family ! 🙂


  61. D***d

    Shipping to door Everything is fine Everything works


  62. I***v

    Good draft!


  63. D***v

    From the Russian Federation delivery 11 days, gifts for long delivery were not given (((I’ll try the store to ask for something)))


  64. A***k

    I bought the second vacuum cleaner for a friend in this store. All clear, fast shipment, fast delivery. Packing as need! I recommend contacting this store!


  65. K***k

    Very fast shipping, goods protected. When connected all points on it that the polubimy 🙂 Working quietly enough, quickly and accurately, long running on battery. Menu in Polish. Sometimes ‘wariuje’ and lost way to charge station but I think that a problem in umiejscowieniu. Póki what I am glad.


  66. A***v

    Quickly reached out to mych. All Day was carried out with the adjustment of the Russian language, until few stitches, and failed to adjust. And the work of the vacuum cleaner is high.


  67. M***a

    Bought on the summer sale for 26800 which I was very happy, but the store sent the order for a very long time unfortunately (what can I say on cleaning something I do not quite do not know why everyone can eat with delight because I have something to compare with? Photo garbage in the corner he does not clean it 2 days although I run it 2-3 times a day (little children) yes, of course he cleans very quickly in 15 minutes he cleans the apartment at 54 sq m but I do not need quickly I need well, I had another robot too not cheap he certainly took away 40 minutes but so carefully all the corners swept but the son poured water and he died of course repair said it is like the robot himself, in general I do not like yet


  68. M***h

    Smart technology. I don’t even want to turn it off. Now we need consumables.


  69. D***r

    Works all super.


  70. Customer

    Came pretty fast, after shipping on the 5th day. Ran the first cycle, all clean, so far so good!


  71. M***v

    The store immediately sent the vacuum cleaner. Delivery to Samara in 3 days. Played with the robot) he vacuumed and washed the floor. Super!


  72. J***o

    super fast delivery


  73. J***a

    The order issued 16.06 received 03.07. Seller very long time send order (not in stock). The delivery itself is fast. The vacuum cleaner itself is good.


  74. S***o

    The vacuum cleaner is just a bomb. Thank you very much to the store. The goods received in two weeks. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ✈️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


  75. E***t

    I thought for a long time, chose, read a lot of reviews, my husband refused. But I decided and ordered, and, in principle, still satisfied. I don’t know how long it’s gonna take. The store was not particularly rewritten. Sent a week, came in three days. The gift, some write, did not send.


  76. S***a

    Very long delivery. The store declared delivery from a warehouse in the Russian Federation. After payment said that the whole warehouse was sold out and it is necessary to wait for a new import. For a long wait, the seller promised a gift, but deceived, did not put anything.


  77. A***v

    The store first did not send the order for a long time, but after the shipment arrived quickly. The vacuum cleaner is great, I didn’t know how much dust in my house turns out


  78. D***o

    The vacuum cleaner is amazing. If anyone thinks to buy or not, take without thinking. Cleans well, dust and hair became at times less + wet cleaning every day. The store is good, sent the parcel quickly, the courier delivered home to the door. Also the seller sent a gift, someone writes that the bracelet. I came a kettle made of rust, but unfortunately our Mail could not bring even a metal kettle (( Vacuum cleaner 10/10 Take do not regret, seller 10/10 is all right! For a gift do not count heavily))


  79. E***B

    Works well, the base does not lose, the puddle does not leave. One minus, the cloth is not all shaggy but only the middle.


  80. Customer

    Long thought whether to take parents with the Russian version or not. Advised, said that the weather does not tell, the rest is clear. Therefore, ordered the global version here on discounts and saved about 20%. Indeed, everything is intuitive. Installed the roborock app on parents phones in 3 minutes. Like everyone else, the whole family looked like a robot. They were delighted. When the container was removed, they delighted once again: collected a Valentine from the dog’s wool, sand a little. Powerful. Suction quality for each centimeter unlike the self-driving vacuum cleaner. But we removed as much as possible from the floor: raised the chairs, etc. Today the first floor is 110 square meters on 45% charge for 90 minutes. Wet haven’t tried yet.


  81. A***n

    Vacuum Gun, quality thing, went 16 days to Siberia, as a gift kettle gave 🙂


  82. Customer

    Very happy with the vacuum cleaner, really cleans and wipes the floors. Sending IML (paid 17.06, brought 03.07), packing whole.


  83. V***r

    11 days from the date of payment came to St. Petersburg, the store warned that he would send later because of the absence in the warehouse. In the work not yet checked, the seller recommend.


  84. A***a

    The store is good, although for a long time did not send the order! Then the courier within a week brought the vacuum cleaner to the house, this taking into account that we could not accept it on the appointed day, transferred the date independently. The vacuum cleaner is actually working in 2-3 minutes collected full connetner.!!!! Seller recommend to everyone! I will order consumables to it. A pity that the seller does not have them☹


  85. I***e

    Fastest delivery – 4 days to door:) . Very happy with cleaner.


  86. Customer

    Fast shipment, best quality!


  87. D***k

    Arrived in 5 days in Krasnodar Territory, works perfectly, the store answered the questions promptly, I recommend.


  88. M***v

    Smart bitch!!!))))


  89. F***r

    Very fast to Germany in 4 daha.Thanks.


  90. K***n

    Super Vacuum cleaner!


  91. O***a

    Ordered robot 19.06, 28.06-the product was shipped from a warehouse in Moscow. 04.07-brought by courier to Belgorod. The vacuum cleaner met expectations, very well cleaned. The gift was not put to us, apparently so a good discount on the summer sale turned out .. The only disorder that the vacuum cleaner can not be put on a funny language package, only the standard Russian .. In general, it costs your money!!!!!


  92. E***r

    Fast delivery and with very good process information. The product fits the announcement information. Product highly recommended for its benefits


  93. L***a

    Everything is fine, before the robot starts, I vacuum the usual, then washed the floor. And started the robot. (The floor is so clean, but before that I was satisfied) the robot passed twice (I tried to understand it) the floors are clean, and he found dust somewhere and dirt on the rag. It is expensive, but the price justifies.


  94. D***v

    Very cool vacuum cleaner! Thank you store! Delivery about 20 days to Stavropol. I recommend to buy, do not even doubt!


  95. Customer

    We’re absolutely in love with our Roborock and to be honest can’t imagine going back. I did my investigation, watched reviews online and love it so much. DO IT, you won’t regret it!


  96. Customer

    Alles top


  97. T***o

    Perfect and fast


  98. S***s

    Excellent Product; Excellent store! I arrive within the set time and also came a totally free gift: an Amazfit Arc! The product is great, I clean the house super fast and smoothly. The app I used was my Xiaomi Home and it was hyper simple to set up


  99. R***r

    Thank you, the car is excellent, happy as a tank. Recommend


  100. R***o

    Awesome little vacuum. I live it. Delivery was very fast. Love the store.


  101. V***a

    Everything went very well and received item in less than a week.


  102. I***a

    Unrealistically cool thing!!! The store is super, answers quickly to questions. Everything came on time. Thank you very much. Рекомеедую


  103. E***a

    Delivery slightly delayed, because of the summer action. And so everything is chic, the courier delivered to the apartment. To Magnitogorsk for 10 days. Advise store


  104. S***v

    Delivery by courier service. It came in about 2 weeks. The store about a week sent the order, because Ended up in the warehouse. Vacuum cleaner is excellent, I advise you to buy. A full-size vacuum cleaner certainly will not replace, by power and design is similar to an electric broom


  105. V***n

    I bought S1 but realized that I want with wet cleaning. S1 gave it to mom. Ordered s5max. Now when I write a vacuum cleaner to get acquainted with the apartment ….


  106. E***y

    Seller долгообробатывал order. Delivery by courier to the train. In Krasnoyarsk 12 days Packing Factory reliable I did not immediately connect to Mi Home. Removes well.


  107. V***V



  108. H***m

    Super. Another gift is some kind of ride 🙂 Which I do not know yet, but still thanks to the store 🙂


  109. S***a

    Very good product. I’m impressed and I highly recommend! It came for about one week. It cleans well and we are satisfied.


  110. R***s

    Shipped to UK in 5 business days. Vacuum works brilliantly! “Earl”mapped our large downstairs in around an hour. Connects to google home easily, now I’ve just got to work out which voice commands work. I’d previously ordered this same item from a different store who still hadn’t sent out unit almost 3 weeks after taking my money, I had to get aliexpress to intervene for refund, this seller has been absolutely perfect and I couldn’t recommend this seller enough!! I will be saving this seller in my favourites


  111. D***r

    Fast delivery. Device works great. To recommend.


  112. S***v

    Paid for the order 21.06.2020, within a week the goods were not sent, wrote to the store 27.06 and already June 28 vacuum cleaner sent IML to my address. Before Novokuznetsk from Moscow, the parcel went 2 weeks, received itself, did not wait for the Courier, July 12. The vacuum cleaner himself made a furor in our family, in full of awesome was a cat! I think everyone already knows what this device is and its capabilities. In general, I recommend the product and the producer!


  113. F***t

    I would highly recommend this store to anyone who want to buy the vacuum cleaner. Reasonable price, fast delivery, authentic product.


  114. V***o

    Робот оказался, на удивление, крайне удачной покупкой. Изначально его приобретал как уборку за между прочем, пыль погонять. А оказалось он может потягаться с моим дайсоном по качеству уборки. Реально ожидал худшего. Есть конечно нюансы. Робот пытается влесть во все щели. Иногда пытается это сделать там, где казалось бы он не проходит. От этого уже имеются царапины на корпусе. Мне на внешний вид всё ровно. Пару раз застревал в одном и том же месте, но решается вопрос виртуальной стеной. Удобно, что запоминает карты первого, второго и третьего этажа. Из минусов разве что могу отметить отсутствие второй боковой щетки. Из-за этого вовремя обхода колонны возле стены может обойдя колону, чуток срезать траекторию и неубрать за колонной. Доставка iml. Доставили довольно быстро.


  115. A***a

    Робот-пылесос классный, загрузил мобильное приложение от xiaomi mi home, и работает отлично на русском, всё понятно и подключение было быстрым, робот убирает пыль и делает влажную уборку. Очень доволен покупкой. Заказывал дополнительно запчасти, продавец выслал отдельной посылкой. Спасибо ему за пылесос.


  116. Customer

    Producto recibido en perfecto estado y embalaje. Fácil instalación, es sacar y está limpiando. Los accesorios se quitan y ponen fácilmente, la aplicación es muy intuitiva y además el robot es bastante silencioso, me sorprendió. Lo recomiendo como un accesorio indispensable para el hogar y sobre todo si tienes mascotas.


  117. M***n

    Tout était conforme à la description. Reçu dans les délais. Bref, parfait !


  118. G***v

    Very good product but very slow delivery. I waited almost 1 month.


  119. T***a

    Отличный помощник! И как я раньше без него жила?!)


  120. Customer

    Excellent robot, it vacuums very well. Only con is that it cannot climb carpets very high


  121. H***u



  122. L***.

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