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1800Pa Multifunctional Robot Vacuum Cleaner , 3-In-1 Auto Rechargeable Smart Sweeping Robot Dry Wet Sweeping Vacuum Cleaner Home

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Operation Mode:

1. Switch mode: Press the host switch , and the sweeper enters the working mode working lamp to light up . Press the host switch again and turn off the sweeper.
2. Charging mode: Connect the Micro- USB head of the USB cable to the charging port of the sweeper and connect the USB head to the converter for charging .
3. Charge Status: The charging indicator light is on. indicating that the charging is being charged and the OFF indicates that the charging is complete and the general charging time is about 2-3 hours .Function: One-button start, sweeping, mopping, vacuum cleaner, USB charging, universal driving, automatic avoidance obstacles, anti-drop, low noise, intimate, low repetition, high coverage

Cleaning of the Dust Box:(Dirt may be blown out of the inlet, so please empty the dust box after each use.)
1. The dust box is located at the bottom of the machine, pull the plug to turn outward.
2. Open the dust box, clean up the dirt inside, wipe out residuals using a dried damp cloth.
3. Place the dust box back into the machine.
Multiple Cleaning Mode.OBS Terrain Detection System.65mm Slim Design.65db Low Noise Mute.65DB low noise mute gives you a quiet environment.500pa Strong Suction:It easily absorbs dust, hair, paper, and reduce pollution.10mm Climbing:Its has 10mm climbing function, 15 degrees climbing height.1800PA Super Strong Suction.
Intelligent Drop Avoidance Induction.

Large Cleaning Area.
Battery: 3.7V 1200MAH
Working time: about 100 minutes
Charging time: about 150 minutes
Cleaning area: 150m2
Working voltage: 3.7V
Rated power: 3W
Dust box: about 400ML

Packing list

Package Contents:
1* intelligent sweeping robot
1* charging cable
2* brush
1* blanket
Only the above package content, other products are not included.

Our sellers shipping method ship by the special line shipping with tracking No ,delivery time on 7-13 working days ,welcome to Drop shipping order.

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Based on 101 reviews

4.5 overall

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  1. Customer



  2. Customer

    Very fast shipping


  3. A***y

    On the carpet (even medium pile) it does not go, for tiles and linoleum fits, my kind is happy (so everything is OK)


  4. Y***v

    For their money is quite a good device. Dust and crumbs collect well. Something bigger he can’t do.


  5. A***v

    Super Vacuum Cleaner!!!! Shipping also on Plus, pack for Polish doszla in 13 days. Recommend.


  6. M***a

    Super, shipment extremely quickly dotarła, working well


  7. P***v

    Delivery is fast. Quality for this money is good. Prodovets recommend.


  8. N***n

    Thanks. Thanks. The item arriwed in 11 days. Weak and the 4 mode cant be changed, the robot changes it automatically. Normal for this price, great Seller Szóval 11 nap alatt megjott, dpd hozta ki, baromi könnyű. Nekem van egy xiaomi mijiam is ezt anyumnak vettemz, de visszaadta, hogy túl gagyi… Nos a 4 mód az kb kamu a gép időközönként automatikusan válido hogyan takarít nem befolyásolható. Addig megy amíg le nem merül. Labtorlon felakad. Szóval csak az vegye meg aki a jarolapos konyhát vagy nappalit akarja kicsit tisztábban tartani. Amúgy működik szóval az árát megeri.


  9. H***a



  10. E***d

    The product only serves small floors without stairs since it does not detect them and passes many times through the. Same place If there are steps it gets hooked in my opinion it’s worth the. Too bad to spend something else.


  11. Y***l

    For his money perfectly copes


  12. T***r

    Received, but the cleaner doesnt work, still trying to find a solution with the store.


  13. A***i



  14. F***a

    Mega satisfied


  15. I***n

    The order never came… Waited 2,5 months. Seller returned money


  16. G***o

    Box without care


  17. M***o

    Very good product, it has no strength to collect sand but if it is good or for animal hair and wool


  18. G***y

    Before Sochi came for 1.5 weeks, when I received, I thought that the box was empty, because. It was very light. Charges about 2-3 hours, works for 40 minutes,. Bought for 1600r. From “-” turns always in one direction so in the apartment goes one way, you need to guide, garbage larger than seeds does not collect


  19. J***n

    Very fast delivery ! Item AND several extra ordered accessories also present in the packaging ! Item as advertised and I can’t wait to test and use it ! Thanks !


  20. L***l

    Very good cost. Helps. Good take things middle and leave it working.


  21. T***a

    Ordered for 1700 Its money is worth Works without complaints Came fast


  22. G***v

    The vacuum cleaner came very quickly, even was surprised, but unfortunately did not go. Right out of the box I took it, turned it on, noises, but does not drive, wheels and brushes do not rotate. Left on charge all night, no result. Opened the dispute, the store wrote something there that I badly charge it, or the hair got there, but the vacuum cleaner only out of the box. In general, sent a video, about 2 weeks later revoked the amount of funds, the seller honest marriage of his product and did not admit dismantled the vacuum cleaner, as a result very очень motor, which leads it into motion jammed


  23. B***r

    Left left weak .. Expected something better.


  24. J***n

    Came right and good working


  25. N***o

    Useless thing toy for baby collects wool


  26. F***c

    Works very well. Sucks cleans. Thank you


  27. B***k

    Tragedy, not kupujcie this even if endearment not money


  28. V***v

    I went to Nizhny Novgorod exactly three months, I thought I would not wait, well, here I come, delivered directly to the house to the surprise, even the box is not very crumpled inside the whole, without damage. Immediately turned on and the kid went, dialed somewhere garbage, although at home it seems clean, in general, well done. When the fuel ended put on the charge, the tester showed that the battery capacity of about 1000 mAh. Charging was enough for an hour of work, in general, I liked the toy, for such money you can take.


  29. L***s

    the noise is horrible


  30. Customer

    Does the trick. It doesnt have the Dyson power but it is not the Dyson price so i am satisfied.


  31. R***a

    Great very happy


  32. Customer

    Good price and good products!


  33. L***E

    Good product. Look cheap but ok. Do the job.


  34. R***s

    Found weak, it not clean enough, just something superficial and hangs on some points. Yes, it makes cleaning but the cost-benefit OK without much expectation. Thank you!


  35. D***k

    Great vacuum cleaner for an incredible price. It’s not very silent. But far not as loud as a normal vacuum cleaner. Does it’s work!


  36. M***o

    All cool, But poorly odkurza


  37. Customer

    Works good enough. Vacuum function is superb but moping isn’t good at all. Overall no complaints so far. Happy with the product and the store.


  38. N***n

    The product went 4 + months. It’s the Petter.


  39. D***.

    Super equipment. Really worth wearing buy 🙂


  40. E***a

    The order did not come, the money returned immediately


  41. Customer

    The robot is OK. The vacuum suction is not 1800Pa – not even close.


  42. Customer

    The goods arrived quickly enough 14 days. The box was slightly noticeable, but the vacuum cleaner itself is normal. Light, compact. If you decide to order, then know for carpets will not go. Collects dust and small trash.


  43. P***r

    Recommend. especially for small surfaces.


  44. R***r

    lovely comes in proper packaging but i havent try it yet


  45. J***a

    Nice gadget. It works fine.


  46. A***n

    I let it clean the living room every day and our room is much cleaner! do not expect miracles: it will not work on carpets, but works well on a smooth floor. it charges in 2-3 hours and runs for 1 hour + . it uses a system of randomized pattern, making a turn everytime it bumps (softly) into something and always driving in curved patterns.


  47. I***o

    Ótimo custo benefício.


  48. K***v

    The box was slightly deformed. But the vacuum cleaner itself did not hurt. Power supply no, only USB wire. It works well, but only on the flat floor. And the garbage found after the “older brother” from Xiaomi. So, if you don’t overestimate the requirements, it’s quite workable.


  49. M***d

    Nice iRobot ,amazing job


  50. Customer

    I waited three months, the goods did not come. The store promised to send another one, there is a dispute.


  51. Customer

    According to the description. Recommend salesman


  52. E***a

    I’m happy thank you very much


  53. M***i

    Very simple low power equipment removing only the dirt, lacking in cleaning. Any obstacle lock wheels (in ladder not totally falls, but is caught without run to end the battery) at first always followed straight correctly but with little use started following direction swivel, without possibility of regulation.


  54. I***i

    Price-quality well


  55. Customer

    Great value for money… Very simple, but effective!


  56. D***h

    Came in a mint box, but it works. Buds, curls, collects something (mostly hair). Perfect cleaning for the envy of my mother of course will not pull, but pamper the soul for this money I managed)


  57. R***a

    Ok too


  58. D***r

    As for stówkę is OK, envelops roughly floor, and for this I cared 🙂


  59. E***o



  60. A***v

    Happy to buy.


  61. Customer

    Sounds like a tractor, sucks poorly.


  62. C***i

    Good for the price, moreover it sucks only the dust!!! The battery seems to me not hold more than 30 minutes.


  63. K***r

    No noise, but consists of this simple and performance is nicer ㅎ cheap price to write only.


  64. M***o

    It’s going to go regular and give him a run so he can walk if he doesn’t stay still


  65. D***d

    The product has no power to aspire… it can only aspire hair and hair. The reservoir poeirão is very small. But for this amount can not expect much.


  66. D***o

    does his job with dust and cheap price too 🙂


  67. T***a

    I received this product, and I was very satisfied.


  68. Customer

    It is Ok, llittle slow and basic, but for this price more then ok.


  69. J***k

    Robot vacuum cleaner is riding in circle. Turning left all the time, so is not able to reach all spots.


  70. A***a

    Unfortunately, the parcel did not arrive, probably because of the pandemic. The main store was honest, returned the money! I will try more


  71. O***z

    For the time being, the box came wrong


  72. T***u

    So much at this price


  73. T***k

    Excellent thing, I did not even expect this result. The goods went very long already thought will not come. The store immediately responded. Very satisfied!


  74. V***y

    A good toy, for its money collects dust and weeds normally. Large trash crumbs does not pick up Noise is not much, moves chaotic, sometimes jammed and Min 10 can twist in one place. If you push on. Went 3 months (but it’s because of the Crown). The box is terribly jammed, but the vacuum cleaner itself is whole.


  75. R***r

    acceptable for the it’s price. however, follows a random trail and will definitely fail to clean all the area. no water dispenser for wet cleaning; you can only dampen the cloth itself and attach it to the machine.


  76. J***n

    received today! it is working properly i love it.


  77. G***r

    Tourn ~~


  78. S***a

    I can not appreciate the goods. The vacuum cleaner is not delivered in 70 days. The store returned the money.


  79. M***a

    It’s like in the description, it’s perfect and clean well. The bad thing is that if you have a lot of furniture it hits a lot and doesn’t clean very well but the rest perfect, the battery is 90 min. The only drawback is that the garbage tank is very small


  80. A***n

    It’s a bit noisy, it makes a tour of No judgment, but in the end it meets its goal. With long hairs it gets stuck, but with short hairs of wonder. About the mop. Rather not.


  81. I***h

    My dog ​​is more happy than me …… a little too loud, pushes crumbs from one place to another


  82. D***n

    Super quick delivery to UK. Does a job. picks up dust and small – medium rubbish . Floors feels nicer and look cleaner . But would not completely replace the vacuum , but you will do it not that often


  83. C***r

    It is perfect good quality price I recommend


  84. Z***t

    It took 2 and a half months for Japan, very long, the box arrived crumpled, but the product was intact, the product corresponds with the photo, about its operation, it is very weak, can clean fine dust, but bigger dirt doesn’t clean properly, this product I recommend for anyone who has a cat or dog, because the flannel is for that. If you leave it to clean for several hours, the floor is clean acceptable as well.


  85. I***a

    The goods came whole. Thank you. Everything works. The only respected store pack according to reliable. Since the box came very crumpled, and the goods did not suffer and did not crumble.


  86. Z***a

    Thank you store good and honest! I took it for a gift, but unfortunately, the vacuum cleaner came with damaged packaging (who is not fundamentally, take), such a gift did not give… With the seller, agreed on a discount, at the next order, for which many thanks. Checked, everything works, in the best of its abilities 🙂 Health to you!


  87. S***l

    received after long wait due to lockdown. working great. suction is quite strong. suck all the underbed dust. mop is not as good as vaccum. overall, a great addition to daily cleaning.


  88. G***a

    The vacuum cleaner got for half a month. Good, vacuum cleaner very good for such a price. I’m happy when there are children, then help from the vacuum cleaner. Thank you very much to the store


  89. B***k

    Very nice product


  90. I***a

    It’s been over a month. The vacuum cleaner itself is a whole box. Works, not too noisy


  91. Customer

    It took too long to arrive to Greece. I will use the robot today. It looks nice


  92. A***s



  93. D***s

    Just received it today and haven’t used it yet but the shipping was extra fast. OMG unbelievably fast. 1 week it was here. Excellent store.


  94. D***t

    Super fast shipping in just 9 days to Poland!!!


  95. D***e

    shipping took about two months to US but I am happy with the vacuum


  96. G***r

    Well received


  97. Y***E

    For a small robot vacuum cleaner, it is more than satisfactory, despite the hairs of my bitch, it works extremely well. Only negative point, it is a little noisy.


  98. M***s

    I ordered it on a Sunday and in 1 week and 1 day I had it at home. It fulfills its function quite simple but for the price it is OK, picks up powder, lint and hairs perfectly


  99. M***z

    por ahora todo bien.


  100. Customer

    Llego antes de tiempo! Va bien!


  101. Customer

    Por el precio no se puede esperar mucho….